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Charity Chicks to close

Statement: Charity Chicks Boutiques to close.

Closure of Charity Chicks Boutiques

It is with deep regret that the Trustees and Directors have had to take the decision to close our Charity Chicks Boutiques this month. Over the years the retail project has brought in a great deal of income to the charity, however the budgets for the coming year predict a loss which cannot be sustained. The reason for the existence of the shops has been to provide income to support SAFE@LAST’s work with young runaways and as it has been increasingly challenging to do this, we have been obliged to make this difficult decision. It is therefore with regret that we are planning to close the Sheffield Boutique in Hillsborough on 4th June and the Rotherham Boutique at the end of June 2016.

On behalf of the Trustees and our retail team, we would like to thank our dedicated volunteers, supporters and customers for their huge contribution and loyalty to the project over several years and hope that you will hold some dear memories of the many fun times we have had. From the early pop ups to the more recent events as well as our two lovely shops, we have been extremely proud of what we have achieved and this decision must not undermine the past success.

Thank you.