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Right Here Right Now

Wish you could do something to keep local children safe? Here's how you can.

Do you want to make a difference for children and young people? We launched an exciting campaign to enable us to provide schools with drama performances and workshops educating students about the dangers of Going Missing & Child Sexual Exploitation.

To really engage and educate young people we have developed the Right Here Right Now Education Programme. This project delivers a hard hitting performance in schools to entire year groups. The performance shows the story of a young person who is faced with current issues in our area, and the repercussions and dangers of not making safe choices.

Following the performance the qualified and experienced SAFE@LAST Education Officers deliver workshops that delve into more depth around the issues within the performance, educating young people to be able to see the warning signs, how to keep themselves and their friends safe and who they can go to for help and support if they do find themselves in one of these situations.

Young people who are identified as at risk by schools or parents can then be given the choice to attend workshops over a longer period of time, again going into more depth around the issues that those young people are facing.

We’re raising funds offer this Education Programme to every school in Rotherham free of charge. Find out more here.

We believe that all young people should be equipped with the knowledge that they need to make safer choices, and should have the ability and confidence to come forward and access help, support and advice whenever they need it. Can you help us make this a reality?