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International Missing Children's Day 2016

SAFE@LAST marks International Missing Children's Day 2016

25th May is designated as International Missing Children’s Day and draws attention to the thousands of children and young people that go missing around the world each year.

Research has shown that in the UK a child is reported missing every three minutes but as not all children going missing are report to the police this figure could actually be as high as one every minute.

SAFE@LAST works across South Yorkshire to support children, young people and families at risk through running away or going missing. To mark International Missing Children’s Day 2016 SAFE@LAST created a map to show just a snap-shot of what they’re doing today to keep children and young people safe. The map shows SAFE@LAST working with young people and families, delivering to children in schools, attending meetings to learn best practise and form partnerships and raising funds to continue our work.