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Sahara Trek

Twenty Seven intrepid explorers returned safely from the trip of a lifetime trekking the Sahara desert in November 2014.

The group took on the extreme trek in order to raise funds and awareness for SAFE@LAST. The group travelled to Morocco and trekked 100km across the hottest desert on earth. They slept in shared Bedouin tents or out under the millions of stars.

The trek took them across a variety of terrains including rocky ground, dry lakes and river beds and of course sand dunes. They came across the local wildlife mainly lizards and vultures and saw a nomadic families and Berber villages.

SAFE@LAST Founder Trustee Hilary Massarella said "It has been a tough but incredible experience. Each trekker faces their own challenges when they take on something like this whether it be the very basic living conditions, the hot sun, painful blisters, being away from family and friends and many more. What is really remarkable is the way the team pulls together in support of one another, we have laughed and cried, rejoiced and moaned, walked and hobbled, but mainly we have been struck by the harsh yet magnificent beauty of the desert and the wonderful friendships that have been formed and strengthened by this shared experience."

The group looks set to raise over £75,000 which will help SAFE@LAST to continue its vital services supporting children and young people in South Yorkshire who feel they have no choice but to run a way. Head of Communications and Funding Clare Sherratt "We're absolutely delighted that all the Sahara trekkers have returned home safely from their adventure. The group have been working hard for over eighteen months to train and prepare for the trip and their hard work was rewarded as they crossed the finish line. They have raised a phenomenal amount and we'll make sure every penny is put to good use."

The Sahara Trekkers

"SAFE@LAST needs to raise over half a million pounds each year to ensure we can help keep children safe and this money really will make a massive difference to local children's lives."

Clare Sherratt Head of Communications and Funding