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Director of Children and Young People's Services awarded MBE

Director of Children and Young People's Services Awarded MBE

We’re excited and thrilled that our fabulous Director of Children and Young People’s services, Tracy Haycox, received her MBE from HRH the Queen on Tuesday 10th December 2013. Tracy is responsible for overseeing all our direct work with children and young people and was awarded the MBE in the Queens Birthday Honours list.

Since joining the charity in 2005 Tracy has managed the expansion and development of SAFE@LAST’s services across South Yorkshire. Tracy has been instrumental in expanding the one to one support to young people across Rotherham, Doncaster, Sheffield and Barnsley. She has also overseen the development of new services to SAFE@LAST such as the family support work project.

On a national level Tracy has impacted on the services available for young runaways by sharing her experience and knowledge with other professionals and lobbying government to improve services and provision for young runaways. She has spoken to MP’s and senior government officials and was instrumental in the publication of the Department for Education and Schools (as it was known then) Runaways Action Plan. Tracy also regularly speaks at national conferences to raise understanding of the issue of running away.

In addition to Tracy’s strategic and managerial work she continues to work directly with young people. Through her work as an on call manager Tracy may be called out to see a young person up to 11pm at night if they need support to return home or need urgent help to find somewhere else to spend the night. When called out Tracy often arrives in an unfamiliar place to find young people and their families upset and distressed but she uses her expertise and patience to diffuse the situation and look for a safe solution.
Tracy has also been significantly involved in sport in her local area. She started playing rugby when she was 34 and her family soon followed in her example. Her son began training at an early age after seeing his Mum play and Tracy’s husband became involved as a coach for their sons team. As the family became more involved and fell in love with the sport Tracy became a qualified referee to improve her knowledge and understanding. When the women’s team stopped playing Tracy focused more on the club side, and being a supporter
to the local teams. She took the role of chair of the club and held this post for two years.

Tracy was an Olympic Torch bearer when the Olympic torch came through Rotherham and also climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in 2012 to raise funds and awareness for SAFE@LAST.

“It was a great honour to receive my MBE from Her Majesty the Queen, she was very gracious and expressed an interest in the work of SAFE@LAST, wishing us every success for the future”

Tracy Haycox MBE